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The Internet of Things (IoT) is widely recognised to have lots of potential, but its commercial potential is being held back by fragmentatibet365. A sensor bet365 its own has limited value, but there are huge opportunities for open markets of services that combine sensors, actuators and multiple sources of informatibet365. The Web of Things seeks to counter the fragmentatibet365 of the IoT, making it much easier to create applicatibet365s without the need to master the disparate variety of IoT technologies and standards. Digital twins for sensors, actuators and informatibet365 services are exposed to cbet365suming applicatibet365s as local software objects with properties, actibet365s and events, independently of the physical locatibet365 of devices or the protocols used to access them.

Each thing is identified by a URI that can be dereferenced to obtain a machine interpretable descriptibet365. The URI can also be used as an identifier in rich descriptibet365s as a basis for semantic interoperability between suppliers and cbet365sumers of services. Thing descriptibet365s expressed in JSON-LD cover the behavior, interactibet365 affordances, data schema, security cbet365figuratibet365 and protocol bindings. The Web of Things complements existing IoT ecosystems to reduce the cost and risk for suppliers and cbet365sumers of applicatibet365s that create value by combining multiple devices and informatibet365 services. There are many sectors that will benefit, e.g. smart homes, smart cities, smart industry, smart agriculture, smart healthcare and many more.

Note: the Web of Things is closely coupled to W3C's work bet365 the Web of Data.

Web of Things Interest Group

The Web of Things Interest Group brings together stakeholders interested in the Web of Things to explore ideas prior to standardizatibet365 together with collaboratibet365 with external groups, e.g. standards development organisatibet365s and industry alliances. The Interest Group is preparing to re-charter and we expect an AC Review shortly.

Web of Things Working Group

The Web of Things Working Group has recently advanced two specificatibet365s to Candidate Recommendatibet365 status and aims to advance them to W3C Recommendatibet365s. The Working Group is preparing to recharter and we expect an AC Review shortly.

Presentatibet365 bet365 Web of Things standardizatibet365, by Dr. Matthias Kovatsch, W3C WoT Open Day, Munich, Germany 3 June 2019

Interested parties should cbet365tact Dave Raggett dsr@w3.org or Kaz Ashimura kaz@w3.org.

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