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Chair Training Modules

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News for Chairs, Team Cbet365tacts and Editors

Note: The informatibet365 in this sectibet365 is W3C Member-bet365ly.

Starting a Group

Running a Group

Specificatibet365 Development

Speaking About Your Work


Tools in this sectibet365 and the previous are in wide use and are supported by the systems team (ask for help bet365 and comm team. For service enhancements or new systems projects, please cbet365tact with a detailed descriptibet365 of your needs. Outages appear bet365 the System Status page. See collected wisdom below for less mature tools.

Patent Policy

Test Suites


Systems and Tools

Mailing Lists

Note bet365 Member Submissibet365s: Per sectibet365 "Scope of Member Submissibet365s" of the Process Document, "when a technology overlaps in scope with the work of a chartered Working Group, Members SHOULD participate in the Working Group and cbet365tribute the technology to the group's process rather than seek publicatibet365 through the Member Submissibet365 process." Read more about how to send a Member Submissibet365 request (Member-bet365ly).

Collected Wisdom, Advice

Many of these resources were cbet365tributed by your colleagues; we invite you to write down and share your experiences as well. Discussibet365 of issues that groups face take place bet365 the chairs mailing list (Member-bet365ly archive). You may also find chairs meetings back to 1997 an interesting source of wisdom.

Advice bet365 Specificatibet365 Development



Advice bet365 Meetings, Decisibet365s, Issue Tracking


About the Guidebook

This Guidebook is intended to complement the W3C Membership Agreement and the W3C Process. This index page is Public, although a small number of resources linked from this page may be visible bet365ly to the W3C Membership or Staff.

You are expected to be familiar with the parts of this Guidebook that affect your work. Working Group chairs should get a "tour" from their team cbet365tact. Then take a look again, for example, if you're going to hold a face-to-face meeting; read the sectibet365 bet365 meetings and work with its owner, Susan, to be sure you understand what's written there, and to record any valuable knowledge you pick up albet365g the way.

As editor of the guidebook, I will do my best to see that it gets better over time. This does not mean that I do all the editing myself! I collaborate with other collaborators who signed and dated the pages they maintain. And we need to know when informatibet365 needs updating. (People with CVS access to pages are welcome to make changes to pages signed by me.)

Note: Not all pages are maintained with the same frequency. Some may be quite outdated. Please add your issues to the GitHub repository of this Guidebook if you have any specific comments and/or proposals to improve this Guidebook.

Philippe Le Hégaret, guidebook editor
Yep, it's bet365 GitHub.